Long years of operation allowed us to gain experience in the field of widely understood logistics, efficient organization as well as skillful use of the most advanced strategies of operation – all this allows us to provide top-quality storage services.

We thus provide our customers with complete support, understood both by ensuring the highest quality of provided storage services as well as caring about their wide range – fully corresponding to individual expectations.

We currently have two warehouses located in Nysa and Niwnica near Nysa, the warehouses are equipped, for instance, with:

  • a monitoring system for temperature and humidity of storage, in temperature ranges from +1°C to +18°C
  • a fire-safety system: temperature sensors, smoke removal flaps
  • a monitoring system supervised by 24/7 security service
  • a rack system for high storage
  • automated loading-unloading ramps equipped with air doors
  • modern internal transport
  • Modern working tools based on IT systems enabling:
    • The mapping of storage rooms,
    • the traceability of pallets, the management of batches, 'use by' dates,
    • goods management according to FIFO, FEFO principles or the client's other requirements
    • reporting.
One of our greatest strengths is a highly qualified personnel with many years of experience. We execute several thousand orders per month, to the majority of trading networks, hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as wholesale stores in Poland and abroad. The scope of our storage services includes:
  • comprehensive unloading/loading services;
  • quantitative and qualitative control of goods when unloading;
  • short-term and long-term storage of goods,
  • order picking
  • packaging
  • quantitative and qualitative control of goods in the storage process
  • laminating, labeling, protecting shipments for transportation purposes
  • handling returns, complaints
  • loading homogenous, mixed pallets, single boxes;
  • loading/unloading containers,
  • transshipments,
  • conducting inventory-taking works regarding the entrusted goods according to instructions and arrangements from the client.
In November 2015 we began to expand our warehouse in Nysa due to the growing needs of our clients, the investment should be completed in July 2016. We are professionals and we are not afraid of any challenge.