Professional customer service as well as effective communication are the showcase of each company. That is why we are offering you the services of our professional CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE.

We are trying to build a positive image of our company through the continuous improvement of the technique of effective and positive communication with the client. This fosters good understanding, a positive atmosphere and coping with difficult situations.

The main emphasis in our work is placed on professionalism in action which includes: reliability, flexibility as well as communication and competences of the operating staff.

Our role is to provide the client with the satisfaction from using the services of your company. Without forgetting about the purpose of logistics which is the systematic reduction in the cost of the flow of goods in the supply chain. Our features include: efficiency, effectiveness. Clients cooperating with us may always count on professional service.

The scope of our services includes:

  • accepting and confirming orders,
  • maintaining relations with the client,
  • an internal preparation of the order,
  • invoicing and handling payments,
  • receiving possible complaints or returns,